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Retail - outlet and wholesale clothing WOLF-MANDA.cz = Hana Mandová

Welcome, you are in our internet retail outfit WOLF-MANDA.cz (blue look) outfit.

We deliver to SLOVAKIA : sk.wolf-manda-outlet.cz

We sell the wholesale to the store after packing at www.wolf-manda.cz (green look). To get wholesale prices (discounts) contact us!

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We are very pleased to have chosen the Czech company Hana Mandová - Clothing WOLF-MANDA.cz wholesaler, outlet and retail of clothing and textiles, which we founded together with several of our stone shops (Teplice, Teplice-Trnovany, Ústí, Roudnice) In 1991.

Our slogan is, "Dress good and cheap".

Our goal is to provide Czech customers with quality , yet affordable and tasteful clothing.

We are a company that deals with the wholesale and retail sale of textile and clothing goods. Our satisfied customers include wholesalers, department stores, stone shops and final customers. Here we offer goods from Czech and foreign suppliers intended for all family members, but with a special focus on children's clothing from infants

Ranges up to teenage girls and boys. We also sell women's and men's wear. You can buy clothes, infant goods, promotional textiles, home textiles, fashion accessories.

DOŽIVOTNÍ SLEVA -10% již od Kč 3.000,-

LOVE LIFE DISCOUNT or profitable shopping!

Register with your contact email and password if you next log in, you will already have your contact details set up. You can check NOVINEK sending to your email and receive a quantity discount for each purchase. We are rewarding our constant customers with a quantity discount for every purchase! If the sum of all your orders exceeds CZK 5,000, - you get a lifetime discount of -10% on all your next purchases, and it pays off. If the sum of all your orders exceeds CZK 10,000, - you get a higher-20% discount on all your next purchases . We will be honored for our loyal customers for loyalty . Watch your account and write your discount settings!

The most important thing is that your e-mail, which is the login name and the password you have chosen, will both be good for you !!!


Based on the long-term development of our retail and wholesale clothing sales activities, we successfully collaborate with our customers and customers. In case you want to get involved in cooperation, you can send your inquiries and inquiries to e-mail: info@wolf-manda.cz

We will gladly try to meet your requirements and wishes to ensure the expansion of our sales activities. If you are looking for clothes that you will not find in retail, you can look into our wholesale www.vladimirmanda.cz, at the customer's request, we will try to complete the goods in the near future and confirm the rule of Czech merchant "OUR CUSTOMER, OUR LORD" .


WHOLESALE : www.wolf-manda.cz

OUTLET : www.wolf-manda-outlet.cz

RETAIL TRADE : www.wolf-manda-outlet.cz

ADVERTISING TEXTILE : www.reklamnitextil-manda.cz

FLATS AND CHAIRS RENT : www.byty-najemni.cz

OFFER OF DEALER : More on the phone: 602 431 370, e-mail: info@wolf-manda.cz


We recommend you read our TERMS AND CONTRACT HOW TO BUY , before you send a binding order. Main menu functions. We can prevent misunderstandings. We hope you choose and we now wish you a pleasant purchase.

We offer so-called DEALERS PROGRAM = hire of e-shop www.wolf-manda-outlet.cz

You have the ability to set margins, payments, delivery methods, currencies, etc ...

Do you want to offer our goods right at your own e-shop and under your own name ?!?

Do not have enough funding for excessive inventory investments?

We have prepared for you all the absolute novelty in the form of the "Dealer Program" , where you can make a lot of money!

We do not have to keep our warehouses, we save time and money for you!

At present, there are thousands of clothes in the e-shop and we add tens to hundreds of new items per day.

Deletion of goods is automatic.

Adding goods we have in charge of My.

Your job is only to promote your e-shop.

Is this an interesting offer for you?

If interested, we will look forward to possible cooperation.

For more detailed information, please contact us:

Info line - wholesale: +420 602 431 370

Info e-mail - wholesale: info@wolf-manda.cz

write us

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Manda Vladimír
Dolánky nad Ohří 153
413 01 Roudnice nad Labem

IČ: 15162061
DIČ: CZ6003021255

ČÍSLO ÚČTU: zasíláme když je objednávka připravena k odeslání

BANKA: GE Money Bank (ČR), FIO Banka (ČR, SK)


Ing. Vladimír Manda ml.: 00420 724 047 521 (veškeré informace o spolupráci, e-shopu, sortimentu)

Hana Mandová: 00420 602 147 512 (majitelka, dotazy ohledně objednávek, reklamace)

Bc. Veronika Mandová: 00420 602 884 877 (sklad MALOOBCHOD)

TELEFON/FAX: Sklad: 416 861 338 (Po až Pá, od 8:00 do 17:00)

E-MAIL: objednávky: obchod@vladimirmanda.cz

informace: info@vladimirmanda.cz

majitel: vladimir.manda@ vladimirmanda.cz

SKYPE: vladimir.manda1

pro rychlé dotazy: https://www.facebook.com/ 1italskamoda/


Arnoštova 89
413 01 Roudnice nad Labem

pondělí až pátek: 8:0017:00
sobota: 8:0013:00


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